New Mexico Federation of Labor Biennial Convention Elects Leadership

The New Mexico Federation of labor convention has unanimously re-elected Jon Hendry and Maxine Velasquez to their top leadership posts on the executive board.

Congratulations and solidarity forever. Your newly elected NMFL executive board:

Jon Hendry, President [IATSE], Maxine Velasquez, Secretary / Treasurer [AFSCME], Denise Baker [AFGE], Casey Padilla [AFSCME], Stephanie Ly [AFT], Andrew Gutuerrez [BCTGM], Daniel Secrist [CWA], Earnest 'Red' Dow [IAM], Malcolm Macron [IATSE], Charles Sky King [IATSE], Mark Strand [IBEW], Robert Aubert [IUPAT], Joey Atencio [LIUNA], Vince Alvarado [SMART]

Speaking at the June 9 and 10th convention in Santa Fe, President Jon Hendry said, "I am stunningly honored and humbled to be re-elected President of the New Mexico Federation of Labor.

Together, labor must undertake the difficult task of unifying on the divisive issues, and take actions that put our state on the correct course. A course that values work and the workers over the runaway wealth building mentality. This is the work that our entire state and country needs to be doing. Labor, under my presidency, will lead by example.

The next board meeting will be in July, I hope to see everyone there with their boots on and their blood up, ready to work! Thank you. I will do my best to make you proud."

Many of our state and national elected leaders addressed the convention as did New Mexico Democratic Party Chair, Richard Ellenberg.

Check the NM Federation of Labor Facebook page or our FLICKR site HERE for videos and pictures. Congressman Ben Ray Lujan addressed the convention and thanked Labor for all the historic achievements that unions made for New Mexico. Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham sent a video greeting from the steps of our nation's capitol building, and Senator Heinrich joined us for the annual BBQ and athletic challenge.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, "I have walked hand in hand with Labor all through the years. My team at the Secretary of State's Office is working hard to expand voting rights to every voter in the state, make it easier to automatically register to vote when you visit the motor vehicle office, and make it possible to get your absentee ballot online.

It is so important for us to have trust in our those we elect to office. It is a priority for my team to give proper campaign finance oversight to candidates and elected leaders."

Senator Peter Wirth, "Everything we've done so far, all the hard work to protect New Mexico, it pales in comparison to the work ahead. This year, the Senate came together like never before to protect us from disastrous cuts. When Labor and the legislature works together, we can do incredible things for working families.

Governor Martinez and her rigid, ideological agenda has really driven our state into a ditch. We came together in a bipartisan way in the Senate and drew a line in the sand. We refused to make deeper cuts to education, higher ed, and public services. Now we're going to begin to turn it around."

Senator Wirth also challenged Labor to unify on the issue of Public Private Partnerships or PPPs. "We darn well have to get on the same page and do these partnerships right, if we do it wrong, it's a race to the bottom."

In Solidarity.