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Anti-worker forces are active and spending millions in New Mexico to pass anti-worker legislation at the county level.

Rep.-elect Conor Lamb made national waves with an improbable win last week in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

Sandoval County Tax Dollars Being Used to Push Extremist Political Agenda

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Organized labor managed an increasingly rare feat on Monday — a political victory — when its allies turned back a Senate measure aimed at rolling back labor rights on tribal lands.

The legislation, called the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act, would have exempted enterprises owned and operated by Native American tribes from federal labor standards, even for employees who were not tribal citizens.

The notion of bringing home 80 cents for every dollar pocketed by a man on a national basis is unsettling enough. But it's even more startling when those lost wages are added up.

Overall, it amounts to $10,000 in lost wages a year, says Debra Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women and Families. That chunk of cash could pay for 14 more months of child care, 74 more weeks of groceries and an additional 10 months of rent for the average woman.

As America prepares to observe the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination today, there is one name you may not hear: Bayard Rustin. A close confidante and mentor of King, Rustin was a key leader of the civil rights movement and chief organizer of the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. He proved to be a transformative figure in the fight for racial justice, even introducing King to the Gandhian principles of nonviolence that would come to define the struggle. He also happened to be gay. 

Rep.-elect Conor Lamb made national waves with his improbable win in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. He faced down $10 million in outside money funneled to his opponent by corporate and right-wing interests. He fought through a barrage of incessant, hyperpartisan attacks blanketing the airwaves. He was abandoned by his own party’s national infrastructure in a district that hadn’t elected a Democrat in nearly 15 years. And he still came out on top.

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McKinley County Tax Dollars Could Be Used to Push Extremist Political Agenda

On Tuesday, April 17, 2018 the New Mexico Federation of Labor appeared before McKinley County Commissioners to debunk (again) the bogus arguments being used to advance a so-called "Right-to-work" (RTW) ordinance. The ordinance's sponsor, Commissioner Lee, didn't even show up.

CLICK HERE for our latest FACT SHEET on RTW [PDF]

Call the three McKinley County Commissioners with our message:

  • RTW laws have nothing to do with providing rights or work

  • RTW laws have no positive impact on job creation or economic development

  • RTW is Dangerous, Divisive, and Unnecessary

  • RTW is being pushed by out of state billionaires to benefit the wealthy and elite alone

  • These laws have nothing to do with our right to free speech

  • Americans for Prosperity and their kin organizations have publicly stated that RTW laws are specifically about destroying unions, period.

Call all three commissioners 7am-6pm Monday - Thursday at the same number. Email them a message at [email protected] and we'll make sure commissioners get it. (McKinley County does not publish commissioner email addresses)

Carol Bowman-Muskett

County Commissioner - District I
505-722-3868 ext. 1053

Genevieve Jackson

County Commissioner - District II
505-722-3868 ext. 1053

Bill Lee (RTW sponsor)

County Commissioner District III

505-722-3868 ext. 1053

CLICK and Listen to Union Attorney Shane Youtz on air in McKinley County discussing proposed "Right to Work" ordinance with KGLP's Rachel Kaub.

McKinley County's proposed ordinance is only one several so-called "right-to-work" laws being pushed in New Mexico counties by billionaire funded, Americans for Prosperity - an organization notorious for its fake grassroots efforts that funnel millions in cash across the nation to spread an extremist free-market, anti-worker, anti-science, right-wing ideology.

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