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New Mexico Labor Announces 2nd Annual ¡Gracias Bus Tour!

It takes guts to be a working people's champion. Paying lip-service to the working family agenda is one thing, but when the chips are down, taking votes to protect workers' rights, education, the environment, and progressive tax policy takes true grit.


Pressure is immense to vote AGAINST working family interests and, instead, support an out-of-state, corporate CEO agenda.

That is why NM Labor and our progressive allies are heading out on the road to thank the true working peoples' champions in the most public way possible.


April 28,29,30 and May 1, 2016


see flyers below


You're invited to get on board the ¡Gracias Bus Tour! and join in recognizing NM elected leaders who put people above politics and consistently take a stand for New Mexico working families.

There will be food, fun, stars, and fantastic films!

Tour will cover five cities in four days to thank legislators, build unity around the progressive agenda, and drum up excitement for 2016 elections Progressive author and political activist Jim Hightower is slated to headline the Santa Fe event.

The tour is sponsored by a wide spectrum of Labor and Progressive organizations, and will begin to educate voters on the importance of the 2016 elections for the future of our state.

“This is a critical year for getting our state back on the right track. Working people, the environment, and basic public services have all faced unprecedented attacks under the control of Governor Susana Martinez and the NM GOP-led House,” said New Mexico Federation of Labor President Jon Hendry. “We’re starting now to make sure every voter understands why it is so important for them to get involved and to put their support behind real New Mexico champions in this year’s election. It’s time for New Mexico families to take our state’s progress back into our own hands.”

Tour Schedule:

Thursday, 4/28 - Las Cruces
Friday, 4/29 - Truth or Consequences and Los Lunas
Saturday, 4/30 - Albuquerque
Sunday, 5/1 - Santa Fe







Each week, we take a look at the biggest friends and foes of labor. We celebrate the workers winning big and small battles, and we shame the companies or people trying to deny working people their rights. Read more >>>

Today is Workers Memorial Day, a day we come together to remember working people who died and suffered on the job because of hazardous working conditions. In 2014, 4,821 people died on the job, millions more suffered serious injuries from their work, and thousands more working people become ill from deadly occupational diseases. These deaths are preventable. Read more >>>

The world lost a musical icon yesterday. You'll read about his impact as a musician and an entertainer elsewhere, but let's take a second to look at Prince's career-spanning fights on behalf of working people. Read more >>>

Every week, we'll be bringing you a roundup of the important news and commentary about issues and events important to working families. Here's this week's Working People Weekly List. Read more >>>

Every week, we'll be bringing you a roundup of the important news and commentary about issues and events important to working families. Here's this week's Working People Weekly List. Read more >>>

Check out this video of Union Veterans Council Director Will Fischer cutting through the rhetoric and lifting up where GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump really stands when it comes to veterans. Read more >>>

The AFL-CIO released a video today showing firsthand the devastating economic impact the Trans-Pacific Partnership could have on communities across the country. When global companies move jobs offshore to take advantage of trade deals, they not only destroy jobs, they suppress wages, deprive local governments of needed resources and leave working families behind. Read more >>>

April 11, 2016
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New Mexico Labor Celebrates Obama Designation of New National Monument

Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument was Birth Site of 19th Amendment - Women's Right to Vote

40 New Mexico leading women send letter of thanks to President Obama for historic action

The New Mexico Federation of Labor, AFSCME New Mexico, and AFT New Mexico are joining leaders from across New Mexico and the nation in celebration of President Obama’s announcement to establish the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument as a unit of the National Park Service.

The Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument was the site from which Alice Paul, one of the greatest women’s rights advocates and political strategists in American history, led the National Woman’s Party in securing the right for women to vote through the passage and ratification of the 19th amendment in 1919-1920.  

As a National Monument, the site will ensure future generations can explore the important contributions women had in shaping equal rights in our country. The building currently is home to the most extensive collection of suffrage and equal rights movement artifacts in America, including historic documents, banners, sashes, and newsletters.

“The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 18, say ‘thank you’ to President Obama and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell. This [National Monument] designation forever bestows a proper recognition upon a pivotal chapter in American history,” said Connie Derr, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 18 in New Mexico. “Every union woman across our nation who continues the struggle for women’s equality will know the history and enduring lessons which the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument can deliver. Its establishment within the National Park Service system ensures that future generations of young women leaders will know of the sacrifice and bravery which our suffragist sisters demonstrated in order to bring about the 19th amendment and set the roots for an American Civil Rights Movement.”

"Generations of working women have benefited from the rights granted to women as a direct result of the advocacy of Alice Paul and countless others who took a stand for equity, fairness, and justice. We, as working women, and in particular union women, have an obligation to continue the struggles that have been on-going for so many years.  Our work is not yet complete, but we commit to continue the fight on behalf of all women and future generations to come. The designation of the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument is an important reminder of this on-going work," said Stephanie Ly, President, American Federation of Teachers New Mexico.

“The Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument is a living symbol which reminds today’s generation that we build upon the victories of our predecessors. Today’s fight for equity, through the Paycheck Fairness Act, grew out of yesterday’s effort to win the Equal Rights Amendment and prior to that, the battle for ratification of the 19th amendment. They’re all connected,” said Maxine Velasquez, Secretary Treasurer of the New Mexico Federation of Labor.

Other New Mexicans joining in celebration of the new National Monument include 40 leading women in public service and business who sent a letter to President Obama today thanking him for taking this historic action.

The President used his authority under the Antiquities Act to add Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument to our National Park System as a National Monument. Since its passage in 1906, this bipartisan law has been used by sixteen U.S. Presidents, eight Republicans and eight Democrats, to declare 146 national monuments (prior to today). More information about today’s announcement is available from the U.S. Department of Interior.


New Mexico Labor Announces 2nd Annual ¡Gracias Bus Tour!

Bus tour will cover five cities in four days to thank legislators, build unity around the progressive agenda, and drum up excitement for 2016 elections

(SANTA FE, N.M.) The New Mexico Federation of Labor is excited to announce the 2nd Annual Gracias Bus Tour. The NMFL launched the first Gracias Bus Tour in 2015 as a way to thank legislators for their support in defeating controversial, so-called “right to work” bills during the legislative session. This year, the tour will stop in Las Cruces, Truth or Consequences, Los Lunas, and Albuquerque before concluding in Santa Fe for an all-day International Workers Day celebration. Progressive author and political activist Jim Hightower is slated to headline the Santa Fe event.

From April 28th-May 1st, the Gracias Bus Tour will travel through the state to host in-district thank you events for legislators who stood for a progressive agenda and stopped bad bills for New Mexico working families. The tour is sponsored by a wide spectrum of Labor and Progressive organizations, and will begin to educate voters on the importance of the 2016 elections for the future of our state.

CLICK HERE for more info and to download FLYERS

Labor Victories in 2016 Legislative Session

from Jon Hendry, NMFL President

Thanks to your help, the labor movement was able to derail some of the worst bills that came up this legislative session:

--SB296, the so-called right to work bill - died in committee
--HB200, the bill to repeal prevailing wage "Paycheck Reduction Act" - died in the Senate
--HB211, Preemption Bill, "Anti-Local Control Act" Making it illegal for NM cities to set their own wage, labor rules - stopped in the Senate
Please send a quick word of thanks to our legislators in the House and the Senate who stood with working families this session!

It is a shame that Governor Martinez and the NM GOP wasted so much time this session with unnecessary attacks on working families. This session should have been a real opportunity to pass proactive legislation that creates jobs, raises wages, and improves local economies.

But as long as anti-worker politicians control half of our state legislature, we won’t be able to make the progress we need to get our state back on track. That’s why we need you to stay active and engaged through Election Day.

Help us spread the word about all the good work working people did this session, and the work we’re planning to do for the rest of the year. We’re just getting started with Labor 2016!

We Defeated "Right to Work" Again!

from Maxine Velasquez, NMFL Secretary/Treasurer

It’s official: We were able to defeat “right to work” this year! The legislative session wrapped up in Santa Fe, and because of the pressure New Mexicans like you put on our lawmakers, "right to work" was stopped.

This is a big victory, but we can’t rest. Extreme legislators are going to come back next year with another push to pass right to work. We need to spread the word to our friends and family about the harm this dangerous and unnecessary law will have on our communities, so when it comes back up next year, people won’t be fooled by false talking points.

They need to know that right to work makes it easier to cut our wages and benefits, send our jobs overseas and weaken health and safety protections at our workplaces.

And they need to understand that corporate CEOs and out-of-state special interests are the ones pushing this, so they can take away more power from working people to let corporations increase their profits.

Public Safety Legislative Update

from AFSCME Council 18

House Bill 43 (Rep. Rehm, R-Albuquerque) represented quality bipartisan legislating at its best. Our corrections officers, both at the state and county level, as well as AFSCME police members, will be able to continue to accrue PERA service credit and to continue health coverage if injured in the line of duty. AFSCME is proud to have supported this legislation over the last few years, and we look forward to expanding the number of job classifications covered by this law in years ahead.

Click HERE for full article.

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Good from Bad Water

Union members have been helping out Flint, Michigan, residents during its water crisis. Read the full article>>>

Wage Theft Seminar, November 18

What: Wage Theft Seminar
When: Wednesday, November 18, 5 to 8 pm
Where: United Worker Center of NM at Somos Un Pueblo Unido, 1804 Espinacitas St., Santa Fe
For more information: Call 505-983-6247 or 505-424-7832

CWA Local 7076 Holiday Food Drive

CWA 7076 is operating a non-perishable food drive for the holidays, coordinating the collection and distribution of donations to food banks in Albuquerque metro, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces areas on a ongoing basis through Wednesday, December 16.

These designated coordinators will collect items from stewards/work sites and drop them off at local food banks and/or homeless shelters:

Albuquerque: Liza Smith, 505-307-5920,
Las Cruces:
Dave Brunson, 575-621-9703,
Santa Fe:
Danial Degarmo, 505-629-5356,
Toby Tafoya, 505-712-3456,

Members can take their donations to work and leave with any officer or steward. If needed, coordinators can do weekly pick-ups. In Santa Fe, members are welcome to drop off donations directly at the CWA 7076 Hall, 460 St. Michael’s Drive, Suite 1001, Santa Fe.

Volunteers Needed for Tax Help NM

by Mike Swisher

Tax Help NM is a highly successful asset-building program that continues to exceed previous results annually. The program has returned more than $80 million in tax refunds and saved the people of New Mexico over $16 million in tax preparation fees.

A key strategy to increasing the economic success of low-income working families is to help families access the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other tax credits that will boost their income, help them reduce their debt, increase their savings, and/or purchase an asset.

If you are interested in volunteering as a tax preparer or a greeter, please contact Mike Swisher:, (505-245-1720) or Jeffrey Ledbetter:, (505-247-3671). Training is provided.

Nurses Cry Foul On UNM Hospital Policies

from KUNM

Some of the nurses at the University of New Mexico Hospital say they are understaffed, overworked, and overlooked by the hospital’s management.

At a press conference in front of UNM Hospital....


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 A Moral Monday documentary from Santa Fe, New Mexico by Mariana Nonino

READ more....


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