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A decade ago or so, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and the liberal-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated that making the Bush tax cuts permanent — rather than letting them expire in 2010 — would increase the after-tax income of people earning $1 million or more up to 7 percent, an order of magnitude more than it would increase the size of the economy in the long term.

2018 AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference

Hundreds of social justice professionals, activists and community leaders will join together in Houston for the AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference.

This year’s theme: Reclaiming the Dream: Strategize, Organize, Mobilize! Is about shifting the rules and building power so that working communities can thrive and families can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Too many of our family members, friends, loved ones and neighbors are overworked, underpaid and underemployed. And far too many are barely making it from day to day.

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The PA AFL-CIO Scholarship Essay Contest is a chance for students to learn more about the importance of Organized Labor in America. For over a decade, we have awarded thousands of dollars to students furthering their education. Scholarships are offered to students in 2 categories: Graduating High School Seniors (Class of 2018) and All Post-Secondary Students.
NOTE: Scholarships are available exclusively to PA AFL-CIO Affiliated Union Members and their families.
Scholarships will be judged in the Spring, and winners announced in  May 

The Beaver-Lawrence Central Labor Council (CLC) is  one of nearly 500 state and local labor councils of the AFL-CIO and are the heart of the labor movement. Our officers and Executive Board are democratically elected. The Delegates and Alternates of our affiliates who serve on our Central Labor Council are dedicated to represent the interests of all working people at the state and local level.

Essay Contests for 2018-2019 NWPA Area Labor Federation Scholarships

The NWPA ALF offers three (3) different scholarships. The purpose of our Scholarships is to offer an opportunity for a member and/or their dependents of  affiliated local unions of the NWPA ALF to earn a scholarship by winning the essay contest. Our questions are designed to make the applicants  learn more about the labor movement and plan for their place in society after graduation from college.

These days, it’s hard to keep straight all of Congress’ efforts to build plutocracy — the further consolidation of the power of the richest Americans at the expense of the rest of us. 

With the Senate passing a multi-trillion dollar job-killing giveaway of our tax dollars to the people and companies who need it least, you might have missed the bill moving through the Senate to deregulate Wall Street and consumer finance. 

Special US Senate Election

This election is important for working families in Alabama. Doug Jones believes the people of Alabama should not have to work two or three jobs just to provide food, housing and other necessities for their families, while often foregoing healthcare and other needs. Jones strongly supports ensuring working Alabamians receive a living wage for their hard work.   

SWALC Christmas Party

The deadline for our affiliates that wish to get tickets for the Christmas Party is Friday, December 8th. Tickets are $30 per person. No tickets will be sold at the door and there will be no refunds. Contact Joyce Salter at 251.476.0625 or [email protected] to obtain an order form and for more information.