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Saying workers are buffeted by automation, globalization and robotics, which threaten high joblessness, and firms robbing them of bargaining power to fight back and get jobs in the looming new economy, the AFL-CIO launched a year-long study of the state of work and the state of U.S. unions.

Replying to a mandate from last year’s AFL-CIO convention, the new Commission on the Future of Work and Unions met at federation headquarters on May 3, first in a 3-hour morning public session, and then behind closed doors for the rest of the day.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership died because it ultimately failed America’s working families. Instead of addressing the economic devastation wreaked by wrong-headed trade deals, the TPP doubled down on a failed, corporate-driven ideology.

Special Convention of Alabama AFL-CIO

This special convention has been called by the Executive Board for the purpose of hearing the report of State COPE on recommendations and endorsements of candidates for state office, and acting thereon.

The report of this committe will be made only after a thorough study and much research into the background, voting records, public statements, etc. of the various candidates.

15th Annual Golf Tournament

15th Annual Alabama AFL-CIO Golf Tournament

3 Person Scramble - 8:30 AM Shotgun Start @ the Judge Course

Adult Beverages - Lunch Provided - Prizes Galore

As walkouts by teachers protesting low pay and education funding shortfalls spread across the country, the small but growing movement to recruit teachers from overseas is another sign of the difficulty some districts are having providing the basics to public school students.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Richard ‘Dik’ Days Scholarship Fund is pleased to announce the 8th Annual Richard ‘Dik’ Days Scholarship Fund Award Luncheon. This scholarship fund was formed by the UAW Region 9A and CBTU-Connecticut Chapter in collaboration with the Days family.

The mission of the scholarship fund is to provide assistance to individuals enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program.

Never before has there been so much labor unrest in America’s public schools. Teachers, understandably angry about low pay and harmful cuts in education resources, have organized statewide walkouts in West Virginia, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

When we fail to invest in public services, living standards decline and communities suffer — overcrowded classrooms, understaffed prisons and more.

But let’s remember what originally made public-sector jobs middle class: labor unions. The right to bargain collectively has allowed millions of public service workers like my father, a Cleveland bus driver and a member of the Amalgamated Transit Union, to live the American dream.

In any business, the people who do the work deserve to have a voice in their working conditions.

Workers Memorial Day

Nationally, 150 working men and women die each day because of their work, never to return home to their families and loved ones.

On April 28th, we remember all of them. Please take a moment to honor and remember coworkers who we have lost in your own way.

Each year, thousands of workers are killed and millions more suffer injury or illness on the job. Workplace fatalities are on the rise nationwide.