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Strengthen Medicare and Medicaid

Tell Congress to repeal the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations instead of cutting the vital programs that benefit nearly one-third of the U.S. population.

2018 PA AFL-CIO General Election Endorsed Candidates List




The union-backed fight against making Missouri a "Right to Work" state has enlisted some star power to get its message out.

Actor John Goodman is featured in a 30-second radio ad saying a law that will be decided by Missouri voters in the Aug. 7 primary election will hurt the middle class.

"The bill will not give you the right to work," Goodman says. "It’s being sold as a way to help Missouri workers, but look a little deeper and you’ll see it’s all about corporate greed."

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says the nation’s labor movement has come to a conclusion about President Donald Trump’s latest U.S. Supreme Court nominee: “Workers are united to defeat Kavanaugh,” he declares.

His statement was part of a much longer July 12 speech behind closed doors to Democratic U.S. House candidates. While Trumka did not cite specific cases and rulings, the federation previously compiled a string of anti-worker decisions and statements by federal appellate judge Brett Kavanaugh in his dozen years on the bench.

INVITATION: Ned Lamont Hartford HQ opening

Brothers & Sisters,

We have been invited to attend the Monday night opening of the Hartford headquarters of our CT AFL-CIO endorsed candidate for governor, Ned Lamont!

If you are able to attend, please join the reception beginning tonight, Monday July 23rd at 5:30pm to 7:30pm!

Ned Lamont HQ
1229 Albany Avenue
Hartford, CT 06112

In Solidarity!

IBEW Local 136 Job Fair

NECA contractors & IBEW Local 136 are looking for Electrical Workers of all levels of experience that want a career where they can sharpen skills, knowledge and have a job with good wages, healthcare and benefits. 

Alabama AFL-CIO Leadership and Community Services Conference

The 2019 Alabama AFL-CIO Leadership and Community Services
Conference will be held May 29, 2019 through June 1, 2019 at the Hampton Inn Suites, Orange Beach, AL. This year Community Service, Organizing, the Labor Movement in Alabama, as well as other timely topic presentations will made throughout the conference.

We sincerely hope your organization will be able to participate.

Alabama AFL-CIO Candidate Forum

2018 Candidates Running for Office

The Alabama AFL-CIO will hold our endorsement convention on August 2-3, 2018 at the Embassy Suites, in Montgomery, Alabama.

Beginning at 1:00 p.m. on August 2nd we will have a candidate forum and give each candidate no more that three (3) minutes to speak to the delegates before we make our endorsements on the morning of August 3, 2018.

We look forward to seeing you in Montgomery, Alabama.


Bren Riley

Joseph Stiglitz, a professor at Columbia University, who was the Nobel laureate in economics in 2001, spoke at a talk on Monday with Damon Silvers, the director of policy and special counsel at the AFL-CIO, part of a day-long strategy session on “Bargaining for the Common Good in the World of Global Finance” held by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung office in New York, a non-profit political German foundation.

House Democratic candidates in town this week for training at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Washington got a visit from AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka for some tips on how they can win back working-class voters.

“I don’t have to tell you that you can’t count on the D next to your name to gain our support,” Trumka told Democratic leadership and a room full of candidates on Red to Blue, the DCCC’s program for its strongest candidates.