Two Sandoval County Commissioners Think the Way to Boost Economy is by Making Jobs Worse

Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block (District 2) and Dave Heil (District 4) are working on a so-called "right to work" bill to take away Sandoval County workers’ freedom to negotiate a fair return on our work.

Call your Sandoval County commissioners now and tell them, so-called “right to work”bills are wrong for our state. Remind them that Intel came to Sandoval County because we had the skilled union workforce needed build and operate their high tech plant.

The right to work scam won't create jobs, it will turn good jobs into bad jobs. The one thing these laws are guaranteed to do is take away our freedom to have a voice on the job.

Please call and email all five commissioners telling them to VOTE NO when so-called "right to work" is introduced.  Make sure that everyone you know in Sandoval County gets this email, because constituents always carry the most weight.

Email all five commissioners at once with the message "VOTE NO on "right to work"

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Make Calls:

District 1:  Commissioner James Dominguez

District 2:  Commissioner Jay Block

District 3:  Commissioner Don Chapman

District 4:  Commissioner David Heil

District 5:  Commissioner Kenneth Eichwald

P.S. Watch this short video and see how "Right to Work" scams are designed to take away our freedom to have a voice on the job

Click here to
learn more about why “right to work” laws are really “right to exploit” laws