Sandoval Co. Commissioner Insults Workers with Push for Deceptive "Right to Work" Ordinance

Sandoval County Commissioner, Jay Block, is expected to advance an anti-worker "right to work" bill at an upcoming commission meeting.

Here is something important that Sandoval County voters need to know: Falsely named “right to work” policies are actually designed to take away freedoms from working people. Our work makes our communities run. We deserve the same freedom corporate CEOs have, the freedom to negotiate a fair return on our work so we can provide for our families. Block is launching a misguided and mean-spirited attack on actual working people on behalf of rich corporations and powerful, out-of-state special interests.

But, what Commissioner Block and his allies don’t realize is the New Mexico labor movement is ready to fight his terrible bill on behalf of our members and all working families. In fact,the New Mexico Federation of Labor already fought this battle in 1989 in Clovis--and we won.

Commissioner Block is on a fool's errand for wealthy and powerful special interests. He is trying to pass an ordinance that will ultimately be found illegal and invalid. Along the way, Sandoval County citizens will see tens, if not hundreds, of thousands in tax dollars wasted. Labor will fight this bad law in court if necessary, and make no mistake, we will win. The law will be struck down as it was in 1989.

Commissioner Block is leading an effort that is a waste of time and money. Federal Courts have already declared local "right to work" laws invalid because they violate the National Labor Relations Act. In 1989, a Federal Court Judge ruled in favor of the New Mexico Federation of Labor, declaring a right work ordinance passed by the City of Clovis invalid.

"Right to work" laws ALWAYS result in lower wages and more dangerous working conditions in states where they are in effect. Rather than try to pass a doomed bill that is bad for working families, Commissioner Block should do something productive in his elected role. Site Selection Magazine and other research consistently ranks the availability of a skilled, educated workforce as a top driver of economic activity. “Right to Work” laws will deeply harm existing union apprenticeship programs and training facilities that do the invaluable work of certifying New Mexico’s next generation of highly skilled craftsmen and women.  

Trying to pass a "right to work" ordinance in Sandoval County is especially offensive. Intel chose to come to Sandoval County, in part, because of the highly skilled, highly trained union workforce that they knew could be entrusted with its operations. 

It is simple. Working families in Sandoval County call on Block to abandon this anti-worker effort. If he doesn’t, we’ll be calling on voters to abandon him when it comes time for elections.