NO MORE CUTS New Mexico!

In a shocking and disturbing move, Governor Susana Martinez recently vetoed all funding for higher education in New Mexico.  That’s right:  ALL funding for colleges and universities—including affiliated facilities like the state Dept. of Agriculture at NMSU, Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital, and substance abuse, nursing expansion and early childhood programs around the state.

Without action by the state legislature, the lights will go out at colleges and universities around the state on July 1.

The good news is that the legislature can fix the Governor’s mess.


The legislature can call themselves back into session and override her veto. Legislative Democrats are prepared to do that, but House Republicans are holding students and communities hostage to play political games.

Tell your state legislator that you want them to take action to fix the Governor’s mess in three easy steps, send an email to your state representative, urge them to save higher education in New Mexico by overriding the Governor’s budget veto.