NM Labor invited to AZ this Weekend [Fight 4 Human Rights!] ***plus*** GOTV events here at home

In this update:

  1. JUMP on the BUS to Arizona this weekend: NM Labor stands for human rights - 10/21
  2. Stand with Senator Michael Sanchez on MONDAY - 10/24
  3. GOTV efforts Continue

The AFL-CIO has joined forces with numerous social justice organizations to say "Bazta Arpaio" and kick Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of office this election. His 20 year career of flagrant human rights violations must finally end.

On Friday, we're loading up on a bus from Albuquerque to be part of the National Mobilization Against Criminalization to kick Sheriff Arpaio out of office this year. Your meals and lodging will be paid.

Reserve your spot on the bus to Phoenix by clicking here.

Buses will leave the Unitarian Church on Carlisle at 6pm Friday and will have you back by Sunday evening.

Arpaio’s human rights rap sheet includes the reinstatement of the (female and male) chain gains, ‘Tent City’, work-site deportation raids and a litany of cases of abuse, harassment and death. Arpaio won by 80,000 votes in the last election. In this year’s GOP primary over 97,000 Republican voters voted against him. More than that, groups on the ground registered 130,000 new voters, the largest registration drive in the history of the state.

We’ve joined forces with local community and labor organizations under the banner of Bazta Arpaio to build upon the many years of organizing and advocacy against the sheriff and in perhaps his greatest moment of vulnerability in his more than 20-year tenure, knock him out of office.

Saturday the 22nd will be our national mobilization day to turn out and turn up against Arpaio. We’ll knock thousands of doors and then rally and hold an Arpaio Retirement Party you don’t want to miss.

If you can’t make it, make sure to like Bazta Arpaio on Facebook and donate to help others make the trip!

NM Senator Michael Sanchez


Now he needs us to stand by him. WE MUST help Michael win his election. Governor Martinez is spending a fortune attacking Senator Sanchez. NM Labor needs his leadership in the NM Senate, and to continue being the most effective voice for New Mexico's people, standing up to Governor Martinez and her baffling agenda which is tearing down our state.



To date, New Mexico Union Members have completed over 15,000 conversations either by phone or face-to-face with union voters. With your help, we will turn out every one of New Mexico's 50,000 union voters and return the New Mexico Legislature to working family friendly hands.

UNION members and retirees can earn $12/hour volunteering to help elect pro-worker state legislators, a secretary of state, and president.

Everyone is coming out to vote in this election, and with  your help we can win!