BE THERE 10/19 - Sandoval County Commissioners On Billionaire Funded Quest to Make Your Job Worse

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sandoval County commissioners Jay Block and David Heil believe that it’s okay to waste your tax dollars. That’s why they have proposed a so-called right to work ordinance that will only benefit big, out of state corporations.

Be at the Sandoval Commission meeting
Thursday, 10/19 by 4:30 PM to be sure and get a seat.
1500 Idalia Road, Bernalillo, NM 87004.


Our elected officials are supposed to work on laws that will help everyone in our community, not just the rich and powerful. This new ordinance was ruled illegal by a New Mexico Federal Court in 1989 and if passed would only help the rich get richer by rigging the rules against us, the workers.

Call commissioners Block and Heil and tell them to stop wasting our money working on laws that only benefit a privileged few at our expense. We don't need a law that makes it easier to depress and steal wages, or make our jobs less safe.

Make Calls:

District 1:  Commissioner Dr. James F. Holden-Rhodes
District 2:  Commissioner Jay Block
District 3:  Commissioner Don Chapman
District 4:  Commissioner David Heil
District 5:  Commissioner Kenneth Eichwald

What Block and his allies are trying to accomplish is illegal. It is a misguided and mean-spirited attack on actual working people on behalf of the 1% and a handful of right-wing kingmakers in Washington D.C..