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MLK Day Labor & Community Dinner

Join us for an evening of community & labor engagement as we reflect together on MLK's legacy and DREAM. Speakers will encourage unity and action as we continue to fight for equality. Local events will be announced for guests to participate in addition to a campaign kickoff. Sponsored by UNITE HERE & the Western CT Area Labor Federation. 

The Mercer County Central Labor Council is proud to offer the Anna J. Rickert  Memorial Scholarship for the 2018 school year. The purpose of the scholarship is to offer financial assistance to the sons and daughters of affiliated local union members. Anna Rickert was a strong union member who believed in and gave much of her time and energy to her union and to the union movement in general. She held many positions at her local union and at the Mercer County Central Labor Council. Anna passed away on June 3, 2015 and is greatly missed by all who knew her.

The Western Connecticut Area Labor Federation employs one full-time Field & Community Engagement Coordinator who works with the Officers and Executive Board in carrying out the daily operations of the organization.

A decade ago or so, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and the liberal-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated that making the Bush tax cuts permanent — rather than letting them expire in 2010 — would increase the after-tax income of people earning $1 million or more up to 7 percent, an order of magnitude more than it would increase the size of the economy in the long term.